Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Renee White Community Garden appeal

Start of the Renee White Community Garden 
Never let it be said that I get all my news from Twitter(!), but every once in a while I learn about something going on that is pretty cool. One such is an +Indiegogo appeal to build a Community Garden in central Eastbourne.

Renee White was a resident of Winchcombe Road in Eastbourne for many years, who continually championed getting something done about the waste area behind her house. Now the area - former unused ground between Dursley Road and Winchcombe Road - is being turned into the Renee White Community Garden in her memory. Work has already begun with raised beds and borders installed, trees and fruit bushes planted. However, in order to really make the Garden a place for the whole community, the volunteers are raising funds for simple level walkways and a proper permanent seating/meeting area.

If you are able to contribute financially, the fundraising page is at It was already nearly at 10% of the total when I typed this post and had only been active for a few days. To encourage you, one of the 'rewards' for pledging is homemade Strawberry and Lavender Jam! Other ways you could help would be by donating stuff such as plants and plant pots or even yourself - more labour is always welcome! There are contact details on both the Appeal Page and via the Facebook Group.

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