Monday, 3 March 2014

Before It Rains (theatre)

Before It Rains by Katherine Chandler is the next play in Eastbourne from the acclaimed Green Room Productions company. It will be performed at the Under Ground Theatre at the end of this month.

On a hard-bitten, back woods Cardiff estate... Vodka-sloshing single mum Gloria sinks into a deckchair and drinks her troubles away. Her gentle son, Michael, gamely ploughs the allotment, tends to the soil, and tries to make order of things. From the other side of the tracks, Carl – wild, unpredictable and footloose – watches both with interest, bouncing his ball. And then a cat gets nailed to a neighbour’s door. Funny, brave and beautifully told, Katherine Chandler’s tale of parenthood, protection and provocation looks at how we all develop our own ways of coping with the world, our craving for companionship and the consequences of having either threatened.

Katherine Chandler won the Writers Guild Playwright award at the Theatre Critics of Wales Awards for 'Before it Rains'. The play is considered suitable for audiences aged 12 and over as it does contain some strong language.

Under Ground Theatre, Wed 26th to Fri 28th Mar, 19:30.
Tickets £11, students and UGT members £9, available online, by calling 0845 680 1926 or in person from Eastbourne Tourist Information Centre and the Under Ground Theatre.

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