Saturday, 8 February 2014

Near Dark (art)

Gertrude Hermes, Through The Windscreen, 1929.
Today is the first day of a new exhibition at Eastbourne's Towner Gallery.

Near Dark explores the space between night and day, between the dog and the wolf, in a display curated by the Scandinavian artist/film maker John Skoog who also currently has his own solo show at the Redoubt Fortress. Drawing from the time when night approaches as surely as sleep, when street lamps are lit and every being becomes his own shadow, Near Dark unfolds like a fragmented thriller, where you won’t be able to trust your own eyes. Skoog has collaborated with Bjarke Hvass Kureuses to curate this selection of works from the Towner’s own collection. I know that Through The Windscreen by Gertrude Hermes will be included as it is the publicity image for the exhibition, but everything else chosen will be a surprise!

Towner Gallery, Sat 8th Feb until Sun 4th May.
Tue-Sun, 10:00-17:00.
Free admission.

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