Friday, 14 February 2014

HMS Pinafore (musical)

I've chosen something less slushily romantic for this Valentine's Day post although, obviously, I send my love to you all! And, before we get to the Gilbert and Sullivan, can I just remind those that think their partners might have organised something special to celebrate today, you probably should at least buy a card. Just in case!

Inspired by a scrapbook of POWs performing Gilbert and Sullivan shows during World War II, the award-winning Sasha Regan All-Male team take the music below decks, where the troops set out a distraction from the goings on above board with a production of one of the duo's most popular tales, HMS Pinafore.

Aboard the good ship HMS Pinafore, the Captain's daughter Josephine is in love with a sailor named Ralph Rackstraw. Josephine's father would prefer the family to indulge in a little social climbing by her marriage and pushes his daughter towards Sir Joseph Porter, the First Lord of the Admiralty. Josephine initially obeys her father but as Sir Joseph talks about his rise from humble roots and the equality of all British sailors despite their rank, Josephine and Ralph are encouraged to make their love public and decide to elope together.

Devonshire Park Theatre, Mon 3rd to Sat 8th Mar, 19:45.
Wed and Sat matinees, 14:30.
Tickets various prices, available online, by calling 01323 412000, or in person from the Box Office and Eastbourne Tourist Information Centre.

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