Thursday, 19 December 2013

Keith Willson (music)

The fourth Songwriters' Circle afternoon will be taking place at the Under Ground Theatre in the new year with its trio of performers including a man with the most fantastic blues voice, Keith Willson. I've enjoyed hearing Keith's playing and powerful singing at both the Six Bells Folk and Blues Club and White Horse Folk and he is a regular and enthusiastic participant at several local clubs and open mike sessions. He has performed as a solo singer/guitarist in bands ranging from Swing to Electric Blues since the early 1970s and has developed his own very unique style. I've learned from the Under Ground website that he has also recently written and recorded two CDs of original material which draw on his many influences and experiences.

Keith will be joined for the Songwriters Circle by Mark Taylor and Greg Harper.

Under Ground Theatre, Sat 4th Jan, 13.30-15.30.
Free admission.

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