Friday, 27 December 2013

Giselle (ballet)

According to The Royal Ballet, their next production, Giselle, is "the greatest of all Romantic ballets". A sweeping claim indeed but I'm sure they know what they're talking about! The ballet is a classic tale of betrayal, supernatural spirits and love that transcends death.

The production has been created by Peter Wright incorporating Marius Petipa's original choreography, and Boris Gruzin will conduct the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. Carlos Acosta, whose work I recently saw as he choreographed Don Quixote in October, will star as Albrecht alongside Natalia Osipova as the eponymous Giselle.

In medieval Germany, a beautiful young peasant girl, Giselle, falls in love with a nobleman, Albrecht, but he has disguised himself as a humble villager. Giselle believes this disguise and is happy to be with him despite the warnings of her mother and friends. However, when a hunting party arrives in the village, Albrecht's true identity is revealed to the shock of all present. Giselle is distraught at her lover's deception. Her weak heart gives out and she dies of grief. Later she is roused from her grave by spirits of jilted women who invite her to join them. They find Albrecht and force him to dance until he is almost dead from exhaustion. Now having forgiven him his deception, Giselle's love overcomes the magic of the spirits just in time. Albrecht's life is spared but Giselle must return to her grave leaving him heartbroken and alone.

Cineworld, Mon 27th Jan, 19:15pm.
Tickets £17.90 adults, £14.20 concessions, available online, by calling 0871 200 2000, or in person from the foyer.

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