Monday, 16 December 2013

Andy and Marilyn (music)

I've seen Marilyn performing at the Six Bells Folk and Blues Club and White Horse Folk on several occasions, sometimes solo, sometimes in a duo. She has a warm, melodic style and I have enjoyed her original songs as well as the tunes she chooses to cover. Together with Andy, she will be playing the Coffee Morning slot at the Under Ground Theatre on the Saturday between Christmas and New Year. Don't let seasonal lethargy keep you away!

This is the first time that Andy and Marilyn, from Crowborough, have played the whole morning, but they have appeared at the Under Ground Theatre before - as part of the “Fifty Years On” shows, looking back to the 1960s. The duo have been singing together for more than ten years throughout East Sussex. Their sound is based around Marilyn’s wonderfully warm voice and Andy’s driving twelve-string guitar, but they have added keyboard, mandolin, harmonica and percussion. They create beautiful harmonies and as a duo they complement each other to perfection. Favourite songs are by the likes of the Seekers, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, Nanci Griffith, and Kate Rusby. But you’re just as likely to find yourself listening to a reworked traditional song, or a delightful original that you’ve never heard before!

Under Ground Theatre, Sat 28th Dec, 10:00-12:00.
Free admission.

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