Sunday, 10 November 2013

Los Pacaminos (music)

I know I've enjoyed hearing Los Pacaminos play before but I've been struggling to remember where! I could picture us dancing inside the marquee and knew it was a mini festival several years ago but the venue totally escaped me. Eventually I gave in and asked Dave. It was the Black Horse Festival at Telham! 

Soon Los Pacaminos are going to be playing their brand of Tex-Mex music at Hailsham Pavilion, in a Spyboy promotion supported by our own Cajun Dawgs. The gig will be two months after their 21st Birthday Gig. Fans themselves of Border, Tex-Mex and Americana music, the seven piece band unofficially formed in 1992 to play purely for fun when their other commitments allowed. They perform a mix of all these styles, some classic songs that you'll definitely know well and some original compositions. They are primarily a group of friends who all also happen to be outstanding musicians - and they have all played at some time in the bands of lead singer and guitarist Paul Young who you might just recognise in the centre of the photo above. Other members of the band are guitarist Drew Barfield, pedal steel player Melvyn Duffy, keyboard and accordian player Matt Irving, guitarist Jamie Moses, bass player Steve Greetham and drummer Mark Pinder. 

Hailsham Pavilion, Sat 23rd Nov, 19:30.
Tickets £20, available online, by calling 01323 841414, or in person from the Box Office.

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