Friday, 29 November 2013

Lord Of The Flies (film)

In a possibly already welcome break from Christmassy schmaltz, Peter Brook's classic 1963 film version of Lord Of The Flies is to be the Under Ground Theatre's art house film for December. Based on the harrowing novel by William Golding, Brook's film stays close to its source material, so much so that the film was given an X-rated certificate on its original release - meaning that the child stars weren't legally able to watch their own work! It is now rated a PG.

A group of English schoolboys are flying together when their plane crashes leaving them stranded alone on a remote island. There is food and water so the boys should easily be able to survive until they are rescued. Ralph (James Aubrey) is chosen to be the group's leader and he sets about organising everyone, allocating tasks and chores. However Ralph's leadership is soon challenged by Jack (Tom Chapin) who appeals to his fellow children by advocating fun in place of responsibility. A geeky child, Piggy (Hugh Edwards) becomes angry with Jack for allowing their fire to go out meaning that a passing aeroplane does not see them. Jack attacks Piggy, breaking his glasses. As the group splits into two factions, Ralph and Jack are pitted against each other with murderous consequences.

Under Ground Theatre, Thu 19th Dec, 19:30.
Tickets £5, available online, by calling 0845 680 1926, or in person at the Box Office and Eastbourne Tourist Information Centre.

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