Monday, 7 October 2013

I'm An Aristocrat, Get Me Out Of Here (theatre)

Anarchic historical theatre descends on the Eastbourne College Theatre on the 7th of November in the shape of Gonzo Moose, a Bristol-based company that focuses on visually exciting stage comedy. Their new play I'm An Aristocrat, Get Me Out Of Here has been loosely based around the flamboyant story of The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy. It is directed by Abigail Anderson and its cast of three - Mark Conway, Lauren Silver and Jonathan Peck - manage to play over 20 different roles between them in a frantic 75 minutes of comic innovation, sketches, offbeat ideas and traditional slapstick and clowning.

Paris, 1792. Revolution grips the city and the secret police march traitors to their deaths. No one is safe. Everyone is a suspect. Paris needs a hero, someone who can deliver it from this terror and restore freedom and justice. Will such a hero emerge? Yes! With comedy and thrills galore, you'll gasp, laugh and be amazed at the elaborate sword fights, the heart-wrenching love scenes and the sensational death-defying French accents.

Eastbourne College Theatre, Thu 7th Nov, 19:30.
Tickets £9, available by calling 01323 452255 or emailing

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