Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Goodbye Lenin (film)

There's a lovely film showing at the Coach House Gallery in Alfriston this Sunday. We saw Goodbye Lenin on DVD a couple of years ago and very much enjoyed its gentle humour and satire.

Set in East Berlin in 1989, Goodbye Lenin tells the story of Alex Kerner (Daniel Bruhl) struggling to prevent his mother, Christiane (Katrin Sass), from discovering that Socialism has been abandoned in their country. Christiane is an ardent party idealist. She was horrified to see her son at an anti-government demonstration and the trauma caused a near-fatal heart attack. Eight months later, she has awoken from a coma and is still so weak that her doctors warn against any further shocks. However, during these eight months, the Berlin Wall has fallen and capitalism is the order of the day. Therefore Alex is forced to subterfuge - he redecorates the apartment in drab colours, goes in search of the old food jars and tins, and even creates fakes news reports from old footage. All seems to be convincing until his mother becomes strong enough to wander outside.

The evening is a Deckchair Cinema screening, run by Filmspot and the Coach House Gallery, in association with, and in support of, the Seaford Twinning Association and the German Conversation Group. Filmspot are the people who brought The Italian Job to Magnificent Motors and Top Gun to Airborne earlier this year. Deckchair Cinema is a new joint initiative, launching with this event in October, which will be bringing world cinema and art house films to The Coach House Gallery in Alfriston. Contact for updates specifically about this exciting new venture.

Doors open at 18:00 for an 18:30 start and the film is a 15 certificate.
Tickets £7 to include a drink and canapes. Please reserve your place by calling 01323 871402 or emailing

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