Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Saturday Night Fever (film)

There's a Cineworld Exclusive Special Presentation on the 24th of September. The original, uncut version of Saturday Night Fever will be screened in 78 cinemas nationwide - ours at Sovereign Harbour being one. I'm not really sure why but who cares! Dust off your white suits and wide collars and prepare to sing along (unofficially!) with The Bee Gees iconic soundtrack.

Nineteen-year-old Italian-American Brooklyn kid Tony Manero (John Travolta) lives for disco. His slick moves make him the undisputed king of the dancefloor. For a few hours each Saturday night, he's able to forget his many troubles amid the flashing lights and pulsating rhythms. Stuck in a dead-end job, Tony lives at home with his disapproving parents and dreams of a better life across the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan. He seizes the opportunity when a dance contest is launched, dumping his adoring partner Annette (Donna Pescow) in favour of upwardly mobile Stephanie (Karen Lynn Gorney).

Cineworld, Tue 24th Sep, 20:30.
Tickets £7.30 adults, £5.70 concessions, available online, by calling 0845 200 2000, or in person from the foyer.
Saturday Night Fever has an 18 certificate.

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