Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Round Ireland With A Fridge (film)

Tony Hawks' 1997 travel book Round Ireland With A Fridge is one that I've meant to read several times but still haven't quite got round to so I might just have to watch the film version instead. Fortunately, it has been chosen as the Under Ground Theatre's Thursday evening Art House screening for October.

In a Guinness World Record Winning expedition, Tony Hawks really did hitch-hike around the perimeter of Ireland, with a fridge, within the space of one calendar month. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the whole journey was the result of a drunken bet placed with Hawks' best friend for the grand sum of £100!

The RIWAF film was written by and stars Hawks and was directed by Ed Bye. The cast includes well-known comedians Josie Lawrence, Ed Byrne and Sean Hughes and the soundtrack includes songs by Nik Kershaw and Chesney Hawkes. It premiered at the Cambridge Film Festival in 2010 and has a PG certificate.

Under Ground Theatre, Thu 24th Oct, 19:30.
Tickets £5, available online, by calling 0845 680 1926 or in person at the Box Office and Eastbourne Tourist Information Centre.

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