Saturday, 28 September 2013

Lincoln (film)

Were you at Seaford Community Cinema's Oscar Night on Friday? If not, I'm sure you missed a treat!
Composer Stephen Warbeck was their honoured guest, together with his Oscar statuette, for a special screening of Shakespeare In Love to open the new film season. The second film of the season, albeit without such a special guest, is Steven Spielberg's Lincoln.

The two-an-a-half hour epic tells the story of the last four months of the life of American President Abraham Lincoln. He is desperately trying to push a bill through the House Of Representatives which would abolish slavery in the USA. However, this is at the time of the Civil War when many thousands of people from the Southern states have been dying to protect their 'right' to own slaves. The film received high praise from reviewers on both sides of the Atlantic and Daniel Day-Lewis is superb as Lincoln. There is a huge cast however and, when I saw the film earlier this year, I found it difficult to keep track of who everyone was and how they fitted in to the story. I think the history is quite accurate for a Hollywood film although there is an almost overwhelming sense of prescience. Also it concentrates on the political bickering so practically all the lead characters are white men making profound speeches. For a film that spends so much of its time discussing the future of black Americans, this does seem to be a missed opportunity.

Barn Theatre, Fri 11th Oct, 19:30.
Tickets £6, £5 members, £3.50 children under 15, available online, in person in advance from Seaford Tourist Office or, subject to availability, on the door.

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