Monday, 26 August 2013

Othello (theatre)

I'm just a little bit disappointed that I've managed to double-book myself on the 26th of September because I would very much like to have seen the National Theatre Live broadcast of Othello. Partly because it's one of the great Shakespeare plays and partly because I really like Rory Kinnear as an actor and already missed his performance in The Last Of The Haussmans - I'm told I did miss a treat!

Olivier Award-winning actors Adrian Lester (Henry V) and Rory Kinnear take the roles of Othello and the duplicitous Iago, and they are directed by Nicholas Hytner (Timon Of Athens)in this a contemporary-dress-with-Elizabethan-language interpretation. I often find this approach can be a tad jarring. Personally I prefer the costuming period to match the spoken period, but then I'm not the one doing the work and I did get accustomed to it fairly soon with Timon.

I listened to a BBC radio version of Othello starring Lenny Henry a couple of years ago. He was in a West End production at the time and I can still remember feeling moved and shocked by the play. Exploring age old themes of jealousy and desire, Othello is basically quite a nice love story. However, the overwhelming hatred that Iago feels poisons and twists the tale into one of vicious racism and revenge.

Cineworld, Thu 26th Sep, 19:00.
Tickets £14.20, £12.10 concessions, available online, by calling 0871 200 2000, or in person in the foyer.

There is also a Schools Performance on Monday the 14th of October, but it is at 10am. Who on earth does Shakespeare at 10am?!

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