Friday, 16 August 2013

Dave Greene (music)

Dave Greene with Jim Tipler of the Cajun Dawgs 
I've decided that I'm going to use today's blog post to indulge in a spot of nepotism! My partner, Dave Greene is a musician and songwriter and I am very proud that he has been approached to be one of the three featured artistes for September's Songwriters' Circle at the Under Ground Theatre. I've blogged about the concept before and this will be the third afternoon session in the series. 

Originally from London, Dave spent most of his early life on the South Coast. As a child, he taught himself to play guitar and occasionally reminisces about having to journey all the way to London to buy a Gibson ES330, the then guitar of his dreams. His teenage years were spent gigging extensively with his own band, The Teenbeats who soon renamed as Mo Henry and there's a cute photograph of them in Mike Read's book, the The South Coast Beat Scene of the 1960s. The 1970s saw him back in London, a professional musician recording for both the EMI and RCA record labels. First came two albums with prog rock band Raw Material, their self-titled debut Raw Material and Time Is... followed by On the Frontier in 1973 as part of Shoot with Jim McCarty (Yardbirds). I like the Shoot album but Raw Material isn't so much 'my thing' although their original vinyls are now very collectable.

Dave Greene self-released his own CD, 'I love this album', in 2003. The collection of nine deeply biographical songs was launched at the Six Bells in Chiddingly where Dave had been regularly performing at the Folk and Blues Club. Previously 'only' a guitarist, albeit a very good one(!), playing solo at the Folk Club had meant also becoming a singer, a new musical experience. White Horse Folk was another local folk club he attended and where Chris Liddiard invited him to play a guest evening. Most recently, Dave has guested with the Cajun Dawgs and played for a while as part of Pocketsize. He particularly likes listening to Americana singer-songwriters and much of his own writing incorporates world music rhythms. Blues, jazz and country music also influences his work. I am not sure which, or how many, guitars will be making their appearance on the Under Ground stage. Dave usually plays acoustic and electric guitars, and lapsteel guitar which has a distinctive haunting sound. As he's only got five songs to showcase his skills, the more unusual stringed instruments - saz, oud, mandolin - will probably have to stay at home.

Dave Greene will be joined for the Songwriters' Circle by Brian Cope from Bexhill and Seaford's John Cave.

Under Ground Theatre, Sat 7th Sep, 13:30-15:30.
Free admission.

Dave at the Songwriter Circle playing a new song written for the occasion.

Dave playing I Went Up The Mountain-top at the Songwriter Circle
(Huge thanks to Jayne Ingles for the great videos!)

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