Thursday, 22 August 2013

Blonde Venus (film)

Yay! The Under Ground Theatre's classic film matinees are starting up again in September and the very first offering of the new season is to be the 1932 Marlene Dietrich movie, Blonde Venus. As always, tea or coffee and cakes will be served after the screening which makes for a lovely opportunity to discuss the film while it's still fresh in your mind.

Produced and directed by Josef von Sternberg, Blonde Venus also stars Cary Grant, Herbert Marshall and Dickie Moore. Marlene sings three songs - You Little So-and-So, I Couldn't Be Annoyed and the showstopper, Hot Voodoo. 

Seven male American students are travelling in Germany when they discover a group of young actresses bathing in a pool. Helen (Marlene Dietrich), one of the girls, tells the boys to leave but Ned (Herbert Marshall) refuses. Years later, we see that Helen and Ned have married and have a son. However, all is not well as Ned is terminally ill from radium poisoning. If he could afford to travel to see a famous doctor, he might be cured. Against Ned's wishes, Helen takes a job at a night club and reveals herself to be a great singer. She catches the eye of millionaire Nick (Cary Grant) and he gives her the money to send Ned away for his lfesaving treatment. But as soon as Ned's ship left the dockside than Nick's true intentions become clear.

Under Ground Theatre, Sun 22nd Sep, 14:30.
Tickets £6.50, available online, by calling 0845 680 1926 , or in person at the Under Ground and the Tourist Information Office

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