Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Beve And The Beatroots (music)

I spotted Beve And The Beatroots written on the chalk board outside The British Queen pub on a return walk from Eastbourne a few weeks ago. Dave played before them at the Eastbourne Beer Festival, quite a while ago now, and we learned that Beve should be 'beev' and not 'bevvy' with a slight French accent as I had been pronouncing it. They're back at the Beer Festival again in October 2013 but in the much less distant future, they'll be in Willingdon at The British Queen on the Triangle.

A fun covers band, Beve And The Beatroots comprises of Beve Finch - Vocals, Charlie Holter - Guitar, David Welch - Guitar, Chris (Squelch) Welch - Bass/Vocals and Olie Marchant - Drums/Vocals. Their repertoire stretches from the 1950s to the 2010s and they can be persuaded to learn an additional song or two if you've booked them for your wedding/birthday/random-party-for-no-reason. I've chosen their performance of one of my favourite Elvis tracks for the YouTube below.

The British Queen, Sat 31st Aug.

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