Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Sam Toft (artist)

I last mentioned the lovely Eastbourne Framing Centre shop when I discovered they had a card of a particular Cyril Edward Power image that I love. Wandering past again recently on the way to the Under Ground for Animal Crackers, Dave stopped to appreciate several Sam Toft prints in the window. He was quite taken with their humour so I took the opportunity to sneak back and pick up this appropriate card for our anniversary (10th!).

Formerly something of a jack-of-all-trades, Sam Toft got her professional artistic break by enrolling on an Art and Design BTEC course as a mature student. She attributes her 'good fortune' to years of hard work and from the fascinating biography insight on her website, I got the impression of a swan's way of working - appearing serene above the water but resolutely paddling away underneath. Her most popular characters are the whimsical Mustards: Ernest and Violet together, always, with Doris the Dog.

Eastbourne Framing Centre also has a good selection of Victoria Brook artwork if you've missed her since Francis Perry sadly closed.

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