Sunday, 7 July 2013

Peter Waller (artist)

Flamingoes by Peter Waller 
Art at the Under Ground changed its focus again this weekend with the installation of a new exhibition of paintings by Peter Waller. On my wander around yesterday morning, my eye was particularly taken by the acrylic works and pleased to see so many red dots already. This was the first morning after the previous evening's opening so if you're hoping to snap up a Waller, don't wait much longer. They are quite nicely priced!

A member of the Sussex Water Colour Society, Peter's work has been displayed at The Design Centre, the Mall Galleries and Olympia. He previously worked as an advertising illustrator but now paints primarily for his own enjoyment. Stripes are a recurrent theme in his paintings as are long slender lines either in the form of birds' legs or distant tree trunks. His palette reminded me of Fiona Morrison with its prevalence of blues and greens - perhaps this is the mark of a coastal artist!

Sunset Swans is the first elegant offering at the bottom of the stairs to the left and I think my favourite of the exhibition is the painting just along from it, The Common. The Common has a patchwork of green fields stretching away to the horizon under the most gorgeous dark red sky. Beryl's Wood with its carpet of bluebells and Downland, whiich has tall purple trees, both illustrate my point about vertical stripes. Country Colours is a fun piece, a tall slender work itself and a larger format version of the delightful patchwork series of mini paintings which are over the other side of the foyer as you go down the steps to the auditorium. Country Colours is actually vying with The Common for 'favourite'! The patchwork minis have an deceptive childlike simplicity to the them with no sense of perspective but a bold colour palette. There are also several paintings with more standard subjects and composition which are nicely done but I'm not sure they have the same energy.

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