Friday, 19 July 2013

Mary's Boys open auditions (theatre)

Gaynor Newnham of The Haven Players contacted me through Twitter a few days ago to ask for help in publicising an audition coming up soon. Having just finished Around The World in 80 Minutes, the Company are already looking to cast their new musical theatre production and they Need Men - a whole lifeboat full! If you are, or you know of, anyone who might be interested, please read on ...

GN: Mary's Boys is a brand new musical play written by Darren Vallier, Michelle Pollard and Gaynor Newnham, all of whom work at Langney Primary School in Eastbourne. It is inspired by the true story of The Mary Stanford Lifeboat, which sailed out of Rye Harbour in November 1928, in the worst storm in living memory, to save the crew of a Latvian steamer. The boat took three attempts to launch, with the help of the whole village, not realising that the boat they were trying to save had already been rescued. They needn't have gone....and the entire crew, of 17 men, died. Despite the sad ending, the musical is also funny and heart warming, focusing on the relationships between the men, and their loved ones. The songs are written in a folky style, to suit the village setting. 

GN: The play will premiere at Eastbourne College Theatre on the 24th, 25th and 26th October, at 7.30 each day, and a matinee on Saturday, at 2.30. The Haven Players will be putting on the play, which requires 17 men, age from 17 to 47. There will, therefore, be open auditions at Langney School, Chailey Close at 7.30 on the 30th July and the 1st August. 
For more information on the auditions please call 01323 767816.

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