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Bourne Chorus (music)

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Performing soon for the first time at the Under Ground Theatre are eight talented vocalists who, together, are Bourne Chorus. Formed in 2010, the singers specialise in close vocal harmony and a capella song and have already built themselves quite a reputation locally. I asked soprano Tory MacDonald to tell me more about the group ...

tE: What inspired the creation of Bourne Chorus?
TM: The group came about after a few social evenings with a group of friends who all met at a Choir. We inevitably ended the evening by singing. Then we were asked to perform at a charity concert, which meant that we had to make a few decisions: What should we call ourselves? What shall we wear? Are we all really committed to this? And most importantly - What should we sing? After that first concert we realised that we had something special: a group of people who, as well as being great friends, could actually make a great sound together too - a winner all round!

tE: Who chooses the music that you sing (do you all agree easily!)?
TM: We have tried a number of styles of music over the last three years, which has helped us to find our likes and dislikes, our strengths and our weaknesses. It's true to say that we don't always agree with song choices, but in general we are able to find a programme for each concert with which we are all happy. We like to sing a mixture of styles, from Classical, through the Musicals, to Pop and more recently, Barbershop, which most of us really enjoy. We have also dabbled in Madrigals, which are more popular with some members than others!

tE: Can you divulge a few songs from the Under Ground set list?
TM: We will be singing many of our Bourne Chorus favourites, but have also introduced a number of new pieces. There are a couple of great arrangements of Beatles songs which we are particularly excited about. The concert programme is divided into Classical, Pop and Barbershop sections, and includes a duet, trio, and a quartet.

tE: What has been your personal highlight so far?
TM: Collectively I think we feel that our highlight has probably been winning the overall Singers’ Cup at The Eastbourne Music Festival for the last three years running. However, if you asked everyone individually I think they would all come up with personal anecdotes that make belonging to Bourne Chorus special to them. And perhaps some of those are best left unpublished!

TM: We are really looking forward to our first Concert at The Under Ground Theatre, and hope that we will have the opportunity to meet lots of new faces there. We all share a passion for singing and entertaining - we hope the audience will enjoy this Concert and all our future performances.

Bourne Chorus are Adrian White (Bass), Mark Whiston (Tenor), Sharon Jakeman (Alto), Jo Fowler (Alto), Tory Macdonald (Soprano), Ali Stewart (Soprano), Jennie Willer (Soprano) and Louise Soper (Tenor).

Under Ground Theatre,  Sat 27th July, 19:30.
Tickets: £11, members/concessions £10, available online, by calling 0845 680 1926, or in person at the Under Ground (Fri-Sat, 10-4) and Eastbourne Tourist Information Office.

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