Monday, 24 June 2013

Trouble With Old Lovers (theatre)

Written by popular novellist Angela Huth and published in 1995, The Trouble With Old Lovers is a bittersweet comedy about relationships and how even the most solid of foundations can be rocked by unexpected surprises from the past. The play is being produced by Ian Dickens Productions who were also responsible for the version of The Cemetery Club which came to the Devonshire Park around this time last year. I think, from a bit of intensive Googling, that the cast is going to be Peter Amory (Emmerdale), Nicola Bryant (Doctor Who), Shona Lindsay (Crossroads), Simon Linnell and Joanna Waters but don't quote me on this yet because it might all change before they get to Eastbourne.

Returning somewhat tipsy from a friend’s wedding, Alice announces she has met Edward and Laura whom she has invited to dinner. Edward is Alice's old flame and Laura and Tom had a brief pre-marital affair — four ex-lovers meeting after twenty years .... where's the harm? But they arrive with Mary with whom Tom had a passionate affair. Will Tom and Alice's seemingly secure marriage survive the seductive onslaught of Mary?

Devonshire Park Theatre, Tue 23rd to Sat 27th Jul, 19:45.Wed and Sat matinees, 14:30.
Tickets various prices, available online, by calling 01323 412000, or in person from the Box Office and the Tourist Information Office.

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