Saturday, 22 June 2013

Three Minute Wonder (film competition)

Have you been inspired by the recent Eastbourne Moviemaker's Showcase or by local films The Moo Man or The Cashier? Or perhaps Kelly Richardson and Nadia Wazera's video art installations are more your style? If so, this could be your opportunity to shine!

I found out about this Hailsham Arts Festival competition when I was at Arlington Gets Cajun last Saturday. Josie Tipler had brought along some flyers about it (and about the current Arlington Arts Festival) so I made sure to snaffle one. I normally only blog up to a month ahead of any event, but I thought that as so much work could be involved I'd give plenty of notice here. Apparently a whole festival of three minute films takes place in in Sydney, Australia every year and if it's good enough for them ... ! 

All you need to do is devise and create your film, submit it, and then sit back with your fingers crossed. What could be easier?! I've had what I think is a pretty fantastic idea for an entry, but haven't deeply considered the logistics yet - or called in a favour that I'm going to need. The closing date isn't until the 16th of August so potential film-makers still have just under two months to perfect their mini masterpiece. Films must be a maximum of three minutes including titles and credits and the potential audience will include kids so don't get too graphic! Entry is free and the first prize is £100, one year's free film entry to Hailsham Pavilion AND screening of the winning film before a major feature. Runners up will each get complimentary Hailsham Pavilion tickets but I don't think a whole year's worth. There will also be a special Competition Night on the 13th of September when fifteen shortlisted films will be screened.

Check out the new Hailsham Arts Festival website which has a page about the competition for the small print and details of how to submit your film!

Best of luck!

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