Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Stonecutter (storytelling)

Phoenix design by Tania Long
New storytelling group, The Phoenix Storytellers, are presenting their inaugural performance at Beanzz Coffee shop on the 21st June. It's scheduled to start at 6pm and will last for half an hour so perfect for a little post-work unwind. There will also be live music, drinks, cakes and merriment in celebration of the Summer solstice. Plus art and photography inspired by the Eastbourne coastline by John Hesse, Gillian Toft and Tim Bosworth. The whole event will start at 5.30pm and go on till 7.30pm.

The Stonecutter is an ancient Chinese folk tale about a poor man who becomes envious of the lifestyles of men who are much richer than he is. He wishes that his life could be like theirs but, when his wishes are granted and he has material wealth, he finds that he is still not satisfied and begins to yearn for power as well.

Sally-Shakti Willow spoke to me about the group and their first project:
SW: "The stonecutter is our own version of a traditional folk tale, told collectively with ensemble parts and masks. We're playing with the concepts of storytelling within the community and pushing the boundaries of possibility with collective telling and other related creative crafts, such as mask-making. Audience participation is greatly encouraged. Our performance will also include folk song and other surprises. This will be our first ever public performance as a collective, and it will be part of the re-launch of Beanzz Coffeehouse as a social enterprise and community hub. Phoenix is the first community group to meet at the cafe, and Nick is hoping others will follow."

If this sounds like a project that you would like to be involved with, pop along to Beanzz on the 21st to see The Phoenix Storytellers at work or visit their Facebook group to find out more.

Beanzz Coffee, Fri 21st Jun, 17:30-19:30.

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