Sunday, 9 June 2013

Geoff Robb (music)

Back to Chapter 12 in Hailsham High Street for today's post which discovers the music of guitarist Geoff Robb. He will playing the Tuesday evening live music night at the Wine Bar both THIS WEEK and also on the 9th of July which is fortunate as I'm already going to Suddenly At Home this Tuesday!

Originally from Bath, Geoff began playing guitar aged just 11 and by 18 was already a professional musician, funding his travels around Europe with his music. He has studied under classical guitarist Paul Gregory and has a diploma in jazz but is mostly known for his classical playing of music from Spain and Latin America. If you go to the Music page of his website, there are several downloadable snippets of his music from each of his two albums, Recuerdos and Con Spirito. I particularly like Andaluza and El Delirio. 

As well as playing for events and weddings across south-east England, Geoff also finds time to run the Classical Guitar Agency and online music shop, and is currently in the process of building his own guitar! The YouTube clip at the end of this post shows him playing at this year's Brighton Festival Fringe.

Chapter 12, Tue 11th Jun and Tue 9th Jul, 19:45.
Free admission but it is a bar!

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