Monday, 3 June 2013

Annual Schools and Colleges Exhibition 2013 (art)

I really enjoyed last year's Schools and Colleges exhibition at the Towner. You might
remember the huge paper rolls all around the ground floor display area for This is Eastbourne, This is ...? I very nearly missed this year's exhibition though. It started on the 11th of May and finishes this coming weekend, the 9th of June, to make way for the tennis, so it's fortunate that Dave and I took the opportunity to visit yesterday afternoon. Dave hadn't yet seen either the Fiona Rae exhibition or People and Portraits so we took a stroll around all three galleries, finding time for a cup of tea and a hot chocolate en route!

Over 1000 Sussex children and young people have used the People and Portraits exhibition as inspiration to explore their own ways of creating portraits, both of themselves and of others. A huge variety of media have been employed ranging from drawing and painting to photography, textile art and sculpture. A few presentations that caught my eye included Cavendish School's idea of painting their portraits onto everyday items which produced a very effective display. I particularly liked the hair dryer and the boot. Newlands School have used recycled textiles for their exhibit, inspired by the work of designer Vivienne Westwood. Shinies Home Educators have chosen sculpture for their work with found items being put to great use. Portrait of a Paraglider is fantastic and I also liked My Own Reflections which is a simple yet clever idea. Detailed collages using monochrome newsprint by Willingdon Community School both compliment and contrast with the brightly coloured mixed media collage of Louis XIV by Hailsham Community College. Finally, the large mosaic portrait of a schoolgirl by Langney Primary School is great fun. It reminded us of last year's People's Monarch where tiny individual pictures are combined to produce a single huge image.

Towner Gallery, Tue-Sun, 10:00-18:00.
Free admission.

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