Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Sue Haseltine (artist)

Beachy Head by Sue Haseltine
Today's post has been inspired by a belated birthday card that I received at the weekend. I'm not sure where the striking card (pictured right) was purchased - perhaps if/when Barbara reads this post, she could Comment the details! - but the linoprint scene is unmistakably Beachy Head with the Belle Tout lighthouse. I love the way the sea and rocks are depicted and also the small flock of seagulls flying past the top of the cliffs

The image was created by Sue Haseltine and was translated by Camden Graphics onto beautiful greetings cards in 2012. Based in Brighton, Sue Haseltine is inspired by landscapes and the natural world so most of her work reflects these themes. She explores the South Downs on foot or by mountan bike so can fully experience the "colours, textures, smells, temperatures and atmospheres of the landscape". Her love of the area is acknowledged by her inclusion in the book A Picture of the South Downs: Art in the National Park, a gorgeous coffee table book depicting the Downs through the eyes of forty artists. Flower photography and abstract landscape painting complement her landscape prints providing a full spectrum of observation from the closest detail of a photograph to the impressions and memories conveyed by the abstract.

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