Saturday, 4 May 2013

Robin Romei (music)

Another Twitter find on today's blog. Robin Romei got in touch with me to publicise a new music project that he is looking to fund through Kickstarter. He wrote and recorded a song in 2010 entitled Eastbourne. The song has become popular through YouTube and Robin would now like to re-record it and film a new video showcasing Eastbourne and its people. Visit Eastbourne are backing the project and filming is set to begin in June.

If you haven't heard of Kickstarter before, it is a new way for creative people to gain funding. Individuals post details of films/games/music/art/design/technology projects that they want to undertake and if Kickstarter visitors like the look of the idea they can pledge various amounts of money to make it happen. There are a few websites that offer the same service but I think Kickstarter was the first. I have already supported a couple of albums by Devon Sproule and Rebecca Pronsky and it is exciting to read updates as the projects come to fruition knowing that, in a little way, they are happening because of me!

Eastbourne by Robin Romei is a romantic song of a long distance relationship. I have embedded the current YouTube video here so you can hear the song. Robin's new video will be cinematic in scope, involving local people and showing local businesses. Hopefully it will inspire greater tourism by showing Eastbourne as a vibrant modern town that has retained its quirky, local feel. 

His funding appeal closes on the 15th of May and Robin needs to have raised £1000 by then or he won't get anything at all. Pledges start at just £3 - although you can pledge more if you want - and this level of donation will get you a signed CD of four songs including the re-recorded Eastbourne. Pledge Here!

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