Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Fiona Morrison (artist)

I first saw Fiona Morrison's artwork at Until The Cows Come Home, the lovely little art gallery in Berwick. I was attracted to the paintings by her very distinctive style and palette. The card I have used to illustrate this post is of a different hue but Fiona tends to work with a tranquil selection of blues and greens. I love the way these colours reflect our local area between the sea and the Downs.

Most recently, I saw Fiona's work in the Eastbourne Painters exhibition at the Birley Centre as part of the Eastbourne Festival. This reminded me that I had meant to blog about her art! I don't know yet what exhibitions she will be included in next, but will update this blog post when I find out.

Fiona Morrison trained in Newcastle and has both a BA Hons in Fine Art and Master of Fine Art. She generally paints in oil on gesso and makes her own gesso using an ancient recipe. She is inspired by the "colour, light and magic of the changing landscape" and creates scenes which are familiar yet, at the same time, slightly otherworldly. I hadn't really been aware until I read her website, but Fiona rarely includes people in her paintings. Instead she paints evidence that people had been there which I think adds to the mystical feel.

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