Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Dead Guilty (theatre)

I am very excited that Brighton theatre production company Talking Scarlet are returning to the Devonshire Park Theatre with another selection of hopefully fabulous thrillers over the next couple of months. I enjoyed all of last years' plays that I attended and, as I'm not away in May or June this year, I should be able to see them all. The first offering is Dead Guilty in May and this will be followed by a Murder In The Park season throughout June.

Written by Richard Harris who also penned Stepping Out and The Business Of Murder, Dead Guilty is a tense psychological thriller. It will star Anna Brecon (Dangerous Obsession, The Ghost and Mrs Muir) as Julia and Jenny Funnell (Playing Dead, Intimate Exchanges) as Margaret.

When John Haddrell dies of a heart attack at the wheel of his car, the woman at his side is not his wife Margaret but his lover, Julia. Recovering from the injuries she sustained in the ensuing crash, Julia is visited by Margaret, who apparently knows nothing of the affair. Events take a sinister turn when Margaret begins to encroach on Julia's life, engineering Julia's dismissal of her home help, Gary, and her estrangement from her counsellor, Anne. Left alone in the house together, Julia and Margaret are locked in deadly combat.

Devonshire Park Theatre, Tue 21st to Sat 25th May, 19:45.
Wed and Sat matinees, 14:30.
Tickets various prices, available online, by calling 01323 412000, or in person at the Box Office and the Tourist Information Office.

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