Sunday, 14 April 2013

Singin In The Rain (film)

Unusually for me, I'm going to be displaying slight irritation on the blog today. If you're having a happy day and don't want to be brought down, scroll straight past to read about Salon de Refuses or Larry Garner instead. Or stop scrolling just before the post's end to get the actual details of the Singin In The Rain screening - it is in a good cause!

I'm noticing more through writing my blog that we do seem to get a significant proportion of repeated shows and films around the theatricalEastbourne area. Several times, when I am researching events, I get vague deja-vu just before Google helpfully tells me that I've 'already visited this page'. As a blogger, perhaps I should be grateful because repeats mean I can just link the Calendar to previously written posts and save myself a lot of typing! However as audience, I'm disappointed. The latest culprit is Singin In The Rain, a delightful musical indeed BUT Rattonians performed the stage show for a whole week last July at the Congress, and Filmspot screened the film version only last week at the Devonshire Park Tennis Centre. Now the Under Ground Theatre has the film again in a fortnight's time. Can venues not find out about each other's programmes in advance? Or is it a money thing - guaranteed 'bums on seats'? Does anyone else mind?

Singin In The Rain is being screened by EVENTurous to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. The Under Ground will be decorated with film memorabilia to enhance the cinema experience and an exclusive tap dance performance will open the movie.

Under Ground Theatre, Sun 28th Apr, 17:00.
Tickets £5, available online, by calling Robert Frew on 07507215614 or by email at or in person on the door.

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