Friday, 12 April 2013

Salon de Refuses (art)

The Linchpin Gallery's Salon de Refuses exhibition is now in its second year showing work from artists who were not chosen for the East Sussex Open at the Towner. Salon de Refuses runs almost concurrently to the Open so 2013's exhibition began on the 30th of March and will continue until the 20th of April. I managed to find my way there last Saturday (those of you who know my sense of direction will agree this was quite a feat) and was warmly welcomed by Irene Runyaker who explained a little about the Linchpin and its aims to me. It is linked to the vibrant Blue Monkey Network and you can see the work of several of their artists at Linchpin. The artist led Gallery also supports the Artists General Benevolent Institution, a charity that assists artists who, from illness, sudden disability or financial circumstances, are unable to work or exhibit. 

I had already picked up a flyer at the Library advertising Sumiko's Wild Flowers Of The South Downs and there are several of these beautiful paintings downstairs, on the left just as you get into the main room. Also downstairs are a couple of Josie Tipler's paintings, one of her fish and two atmospheric Alfriston landscapes that are dark and brooding and greatly appealed to me! Teri Walsh has prints created by wood etching of which I particularly liked Broken Pampas. In his 'first proper exhibition' Simon Wiegand is showing ink and paper works, including the fabulous Turtles. I was lucky enough to chat to him briefly about his art and he explained that he initially allows the material, in this case ink, to basically do its own thing, then replicating the process leads him to discover new images and directions with the same material.

Upstairs is a second room dedicated to the 'regular' Linchpin artists and don't miss the few works at the top of the stairs as well. Perhaps dominating the room is Derek Davies' Cos-Play in Harejuku Tokyo, a bizarre photograph of three women staring intimidatingly right into the camera. They are in bright fancy dress and make-up for Costume Play and this makes for a striking image. Two artists are showing incredibly intricate ink of paper work. In colour are Elizabeth Claridge's Interval and Gradation and in monochrome are Judith Alder's Spread and Germ Scatter, all of which must have taken hours and hours and hours.

Linchpin Gallery, 11:00-15:30, Wed to Sun 10-14th & Wed to Sat 17-20th April.
Free admission.

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