Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Moon Over Buffalo (theatre)

A few thoughts about the Moon Over Buffalo production we saw last Saturday at the City Theatre in Austin, Texas, on the blog today. OK, it's not Eastbourne but it is theatrical!

The City Theatre is a wonderful little venue with an unassuming, almost office-like frontage but then quirkily decorated with show posters and stage props in the foyer and lounge. The auditorium itself seats 85 and was, I guess, about two-thirds full of enthusiastic theatregoers which made for a great atmosphere for our visit. Moon Over Buffalo is the fifth of nine shows in the City Theatre Company's varied 2012-13 season and we had already missed Othello and Vampire Lesbians of Sodom, but if you're in Austin between now and September, you could catch Twelve Angry Men, Much Ado About Nothing, A Streetcar Named Desire or Grease. This is one busy and versatile Company!

Ken Ludwig's Moon Over Buffalo is a fast-moving traditional farce with the comedy provided by a blend of sharp one-liners, who's who confusions and many frantically timed entrances and exits. The Company, directed by Andy Brown, had the play down perfectly giving an impression of total chaos yet obviously all being totally in control and in sync throughout. We both loved the ascerbic Ethel (Cindy Brown) and mumbling Paul (Gabriel Diehl) and I really felt for poor Rosalind (Terah Zolman) left desperately ad-libbing on her balcony! George (Scot Friedman) was one of the most realistic drunks I have ever seen and Charlotte (Christina Manley) was a wonderful force of nature.

Moon Over Buffalo is on until the 14th of April 2013 and I highly recommend this Company if you're ever in Austin - so good I bought the t-shirt!

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