Saturday, 20 April 2013

Georgia Mancio Trio (jazz)

It seemed like ages since I attended a jazz night at the Under Ground Theatre so I've just checked back through the blog posts and the last time was January - the excellent Buster Birch Quartet. I definitely don't want to get out of the habit of going though and May's artist looks good.

Vocalist Georgia Mancio incorporates her Anglo-Latino heritage (her great-grandmother was from Uruguay) into her interpretations of standards, originals, show tunes and blues songs to produce a distinctive sound. Her 24 date tour includes duo, trio and quartet projects as well as festival appearances in Manchester, Wavendon, Chichester and Marlborough. In the ten years since the release of her debut album Peaceful Place, Georgia has honed her professional performances and is now building upon this discovering new directions as an interpreter and writer. Her current album Silhouette includes bold co-written original songs alongside classics by contemporary artists such as one of my favourites, Tom Waits.

Georgia will be joined by guitarist Nigel Price and bassist Julie Walkington. I remember enjoying seeing Nigel Price with his own trio at the Under Ground, probably early last year or late in 2011. However, it was 'pre-blog' so there's no review!

Under Ground Theatre, Fri 17th May, 20:00.
Tickets £11 (members/students £10), available online or in person at the Box Office (when open) and the Tourist Information Office. 

BE AWARE I have just noticed that the Under Ground has started adding a £1.50 PER TICKET booking fee for online sales, even if you have the ticket emailed to print at home yourself. It does annoy me when venues do this. £1.50 per transaction is one thing, per ticket is quite another! If I have to pay extra for every ticket, I'd much rather it was 'hidden' in the ticket price than being told one cost upfront and then confronted another when I come to pay. Apparently there is no fee for 'in person' sales, although I don't know if these need to be cash or if the Tourist Office can take card payments.

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