Friday, 5 April 2013

Eastbourne International Folk Dance Festival

I've got my Dave to thank for spotting the Eastbourne Folk Dance Festival, way back in February, and letting me know about it. I had no idea! The 2013 three-day extravaganza is taking place over the first May Bank Holiday weekend and both weekend and day tickets are available through the website although the camping places may have already sold out by now.

If you still have an ounce of energy left after the delights of the Eastbourne Festival, the Eastbourne Folk Dance Festival offers an intense weekend of workshops and communal dancing starting with the Newcomers' Reception at 7pm on the Friday evening and continuing until the Final Fling ends at 4pm on the Monday afternoon. Styles include English Traditional, Scottish, American, Playford, Balkan, a Tea Dance and Maypole dancing. Musicians are welcomed with a couple of drop-in music sessions and a workshop to teach the singing of rounds. Also, potential new Callers are invited to demonstrate their skills in a Showcase where they can (hopefully) catch the eyes and ears of dance club organisers!

Bands such as Folkus Pocus, the Weston Country Dance Band, Kelly's Eye, Maggie's Mix and ConTradition are looking forward to playing and Callers Colin Hume, Anne Leach, Chris Turner and Hilary Herbert are all set to take you through your paces.

Bishop Bell School, Fri 3rd to Mon 6th May 2013.
Weekend tickets £80, all details on the EIFF website.

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