Friday, 1 March 2013

Cul De Sac (film)

I think someone at the Under Ground Theatre is a fan of Roman Polanski films - and there is nothing wrong with that! Repulsion was the Thursday evening art house in October last year and now Cul De Sac has been chosen for the last Thursday in March.

Directed and written by Polanski, Cul De Sac was produced by Gene Gutoski and stars Donald Pleasence, Francoise Dorleac and Lionel Stander. There is also a small role for a young Jacqueline Bisset - her first speaking appearance. Memorable cinematography and the dark brooding location of Lindisfarne Castle in Northumberland drive the film along as it explores themes of sexual repression and frustration. Cul De Sac is described as a psychological thriller but borders on horror in some scenes. The film was released in 1966 and won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Awards in the same year.

Two gangsters are making their way to a remote island. One, Dickie (Lionel Stander), pushing a car which the other, Albie (Jack MacGowran), lies inside. They are escaping a robbery that went wrong and resulted in Albie's being shot. Now they plan to hide out in a castle on the remote island and wait for their boss to effect a rescue. Arriving at the castle, the gangsters make hostages of the owner, neurotic George (Donald Pleasance) and his beautiful young wife, Teresa (Francoise Dorleac).

Under Ground Theatre, Thu 28th Mar, 19:30.
Tickets £5, available online, by calling 0845 680 1926 or in person at the Under Ground Theatre and the Tourist Information Office.

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