Sunday, 10 March 2013

Amour (film)

I didn't spot Michael Haneke's new film in its brief appearance at the Curzon recently in time to blog about it so I'm pleased that Amour has also got a three-day run at Hailsham Pavilion in about a week's time. I enjoyed his previous film White Ribbon which was a bizarre black-and-white German language drama set just before the First World War.

Amour, which was both written and directed by Haneke, is in French but is a co-production between French, German and Austrian companies. (Haneke himself is Austrian.) The film tells the story of Anne and George, two retired music teachers who are now in their eighties. Anne, played by eighty-five year old Emmanuelle Riva, suffers a stroke which paralyses one side of her body. Georges (Jean-Louis Trintignant) becomes her carer, having promised Anne that she will not go into a home. Their daughter Eva (Isabelle Huppert) tries to persuade him otherwise but he will not go back on his promise and Eva cannot help as she lives abroad. After Anne suffers a second stroke leaving her with dementia and unable to speak, Georges struggles to cope with the strain.

Hailsham Pavilion, Mon 18th and Tue 19th Mar, 19:45.
Wed 20th Mar, 14:15.
Tickets £6.50, concessions £5, Wed matinee £4.50, available online, by calling 01323 841414 or in person at the Box Office.

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