Monday, 18 February 2013

Tim Farebrother (artist)

Exceat Barns by Tim Farebrother
It was while awaiting the beginning of the Pentacle Drummers Wassail in January that I spotted a basket of attractive greetings cards in Stone Cross Nurseries' cafe. I can also recommend the Hot Chocolate!

Featuring a variety of local scenes, the cards are the work of Seaford artist Tim Farebrother. A number of his works feature water - rivers, pools and the sea - and I was particularly taken by the way he portrays reflections. The image of Exceat Barns he has kindly allowed me to use to illustrate the post is a perfect example of this. I asked Tim how he began.

TW: I started painting in 1968; a sunset over the Malvern Hills where we then lived and ever since then did about one every two years, just experimenting. In about 2008 I suddenly got the urge to pick up the brush again and the pictures seemed to get better and better so I ploughed on deriving so much satisfaction that I couldn't stop. However I only paint when in the mood and not for the sake of it as any results have got to be from the heart and I HATE failure. It is very rare that I throw one away and always take as long as it takes. As oils take so long to dry it helps to spend time just looking at the picture as well as painting it.

tE: Have you always painted landscapes?
TW: I gave up being a portrait artist in pencil and turned to landscapes and seascapes in oils with a particular passion for water and reflections. I am self taught and simply paint what I see to please myself and hopefully others in the process. My inspiration comes from the Sussex countryside, the Downs and the sea from which I produce original paintings, usually about 20"x16". From them I offer same sized framed prints and greetings cards.

Tim is now up to a set of 20 images which sell as cards. The cards are on sale in Eastbourne at the Holywell Tea Chalet on King Edward's Parade and Stone Cross Nurseries. Also they can be found at Birling Gap, Stones at Alfriston and various outlets in Seaford including the Post offices in Church St and at Walmer Rd. Prints and originals for sale can be seen on his website. His work has been used by local firms for calendars, people such as Tansleys Printers who do the cards and Brooklyn Motors, and he can also paint bespoke scenes on request.

TW: I happily accept commissions of painting people's houses and gardens to try and capture happy memories for the owners.They seem to make wonderful gifts. I shall never retire.

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