Monday, 4 February 2013

Storytelling Sundays (workshop)

I'm back at Beanzz Coffee for today's blog post (other cafes are available!) to learn about a new monthly workshop, Storytelling Sundays. Led by teacher, writer and storyteller, Sally-Shakti Willow, the idea of the venture is to encourage people to hone their own storytelling talents in whatever way best suits them through discovering the rich oral traditions of the world.

Workshops will be centred around a different story every month exploring stories of Sussex – such as the story of the Long Man and other local folklore; stories from Grimm – with favourites like Red Riding Hood and other less well-known tales; stories from ancient lands and people, and folklore from a variety of places and cultures from India to the Inuit.

Explaining her love of storytelling, Sally said, "In every time and culture across the world, storytelling has been practised not only as a means of spreading a message, but also as a foundation of family and community life. The stories we share with others are our common culture and beliefs, they're what hold families and friends together through the good times and life's challenges. You don't have to be a professional storyteller, or even a public speaker to be a storyteller. The words we whisper to our children, the gossip we share over a cuppa are all stories and we're all storytellers in our own ways."

Sally-Shakti Willow
However, don't panic that you will suddenly find yourself obliged to stand up in public and recite! The stories can be expressed in whichever way best suits each individual - perhaps creative artwork or that simple chat over a cuppa might feel more natural. Personally, I get my being-told-stories fix through listening to audio books while commuting. (If I'm totally ignoring you on the bus, it's not deliberate - I'm in another world!

Sally's aim is for the workshops to be "a fun way to deepen your connection with friends, family, yourself and your landscape. You'll have fun discovering new ways to tell stories and getting hands on and crafty with creative opportunities. Adults and children of all ages will enjoy working together in the relaxed and friendly environment at Beanzz cafe." There will be lots of hands-on practical activity, space and time for quiet reflection, opportunities to meet new people and old friends, and plenty of cafe culture.

Downstairs at Beanzz Coffee, Sun 21st Apr, 10:30-12:30.

Please let Sally know in advance if you would like to attend by tweeting @innernatureSW joining the Facebook group or emailing


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  2. Well-presented and planned workshop this morning with a varied and thought-provoking mix of activities, both as the whole group and in smaller combinations of people. Sally-Shakti created a warm, friendly environment and the vibe throughout from everyone was supportive. I did find the workshop unexpectedly emotional - but in a good way - and brought the theme of 'discovering our names' home to continue the discussion with my partner. Glad I went along today and am looking forward to the future workshops each month.

  3. I've written a further post about the Storytelling Workshop here:
    We were uncovering the meaning of our names and discussed whether we thought they fitted us or not. I didn't expect to get so involved ...