Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Position Among The Stars (film)

Position Among The Stars (Stand Van De Sterren) is Dutch film maker Retel Helmrich's third film about the Indonesian Shamshudin family. The first film, The Eye Of The Day, took place as President Suharto lost power over Indonesia; the second, Shape Of The Moon, documented how the rise of Islam in the country affected the family; and now the third film concentrates on the Westernisation of Indonesia and how this is creating a wide generation gap. Each film can be watched as a stand-alone documentary so don't feel excluded if you haven't already seen the previous installments. 

The film will be screened by Eastbourne Film Society at the Curzon in the middle of March. It was released in 2010 and is in Indonesian with English subtitles.

Grandmother Rumidjah, a Christian woman in the predominantly Muslim country, has moved out of the Jakarta slums and now lives in the countryside. Her son Bakti and his wife are still in the city with their daughter Tari whom they are finding more and more difficult to control and understand. Tari is intelligent and her parents want her to be the first in the family to go to university. They see her as their route out of the slums, but Tari is preoccupied with just having fun and being a teenager. Bakti asks Rumidjah to return to Jakarta to help teach Tari the values and sense of purpose that their generations were expected to live by, but which Tari's generation are casting aside.

Curzon Cinema, Wed 13th Mar, times tbc.
Tickets £6.80, available by calling 01313 731441 or in person, both 3pm to 7pm daily.

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