Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Just Sing! (music)

The Evergreen Singers plus Eastbourne G&S singers
I'm blogging about a very worthy cause today - a charity single which has been recorded to raise money for the Pevensey Ward at the DGH, Eastbourne. Just Sing! has been composed by Michael Sellings, the musical director of The Evergreen Singers, as a thank you to The Pevensey Ward for his successful course of treatment there. His wife, Mavis, kindly spoke to me about the Singers and the project.

MS: The Evergreen Singers are a local concert party that was formed 8 years ago. They perform for expenses and charity and their repertoire comprises of well-loved popular songs, music from the shows, and several songs that Michael has written. Having performed Just Sing! throughout 2011 and 2012 to great acclaim, in October 2012, Michael invited members of Eastbourne Gilbert and Sullivan Society to join the The Evergreen Singers in recording the song. The one-off collaboration was recorded at CMP Studios.

MS: 15 years ago Michael bought his first synthesiser, and having found a very "interesting" (loud and raucous) sound, quickly composed a throbbing and pulsating piece that did the sound justice. Fast forward to 2011 and Michael was successfully treated at the Pevensey Ward for a relatively rare type of leukaemia. Whilst in relative quarantine during chemotherapy, he extended the piece and wrote the words which repeat and repeat in several keys and rhythms.

As well as an Amazon Download priced at a recession-busting £0.69, Just Sing! is available on professionally produced CDs for £3.00.
All proceeds will go to The Pevensey Ward which is now about to expand to larger premises with the inclusion of 3 radiotherapy machines. The machines will eliminate the need for 50 mile round trips to Brighton for treatment. The Pevensey Ward Appeal is a registered charity reg: 220592. Mavis says that the song is technically not "for sale", but the suggested donation in an adjacent collection box will secure your copy from the following outlets:

At the recording of Just Sing!
The Rodmill Pub (opp DGH)
ASDA Customer Service Counter (Crumbles)
Eastbourne Information Centre (Cornfield Rd.)
Friends of Eastbourne Hospital Shop (DGH)
Graham's Plumbers Merchants (Lottbridge Drove)
Charles Hunt Centre (Vicarage Field, Hailsham)
plus the Doctor's Surgeries in Stone Cross (Mimram Rd.), Pevensey Bay (Richmond Rd.) and Westham (Church Bailey).

The Evergreen Singers will be performing the coffee morning session at the Under Ground Theatre on Saturday May the 11th. The performance will include some of Michael's other compositions - a satirical swipe at banking called "Mr. Banker" and a reworking of Robbie Burn's poem "My Love is like a Red, Red Rose" - and I am sure they will welcome audience participation for Just Sing!

All together now ...
"Sometimes when you sing this song
It helps to right the things that once were wrong
So, sing this song for you and me
Sing with great intensity
Sing...Sing.... Just sing !"

 If you are an enthusiastic singer and can commit to regular rehearsals, the Evergreen Singers are currently on the lookout for new members. I believe they rehearse one evening a week and I am told they complete twenty to thirty engagements each year. Please call Michael and Mavis Sellings on 01323 767060 if you are interested in joining (especially if you are male or can sing male ranges!)

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