Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Judy Goodsell (artist)

Driftwood Mirror by Judy Goodsell
A real flavour of the seaside on my blog today - an introduction to the work of mixed media artist, Judy Goodsell. Eastbourne-based Judy likes to create ornamental and functional items decorated with buttons and beads and also with her beach finds which include driftwood, shells, pebbles and coloured sea-glass.

JG: I've always loved beach-combing. I used to go with my grandma to Hastings beach when I was very little and collect shells to decorate boxes, and now I can't walk along a beach without picking up shells, driftwood, pebbles and other "treasure".

I spotted her work in the online marketplace Etsy where she keeps a shop. Her signature items are large circular topped rings adorned with beads, hanging ornaments decorated with buttons and, the pieces that particularly caught my eye, driftwood mirrors which I think have a beautiful serenity to them.

JG: I love the muted colours of beach worn rope, sea glass and driftwood - I think they're very pleasing to the eye, and in the right setting, hope they provide a real feel of the beach and sea.

Judy's work is currently only available online, but I'll update this post and tweet if I learn of any 'real world' opportunities to see her work.She also sells collections of small driftwood pieces so you can create your own seaside memories without needing to brave that icy wind yourself!

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