Saturday, 2 February 2013

CMP Studios (music)

photo by Sarah Askaroff
While blogging about a number of local musicians over the last nine months, I've noticed that one thing several of them have in common is where they do their recording. Originally it hadn't occurred to me that Eastbourne even had a recording studio - I suppose I just assumed anyone needing this facility went to Brighton - but we do have one and, by all accounts, CMP Studios are very good at what they do! 

Previous bloggees Fiona Hosford, Joel White and Tom Fitzgerald chose CMP and bands including The Harkes and Lost In Vegas are frequent vistors to the rehearsal room. Commedia dell'Arte theatre group The Rude Mechanicals recorded there and recently the choir The Evergreen Singers turned up with the Eastbourne Gilbert and Sullivan Society to record their new charity single, Just Sing! (available now, blog to follow shortly). I got in touch with Tom Askaroff at CMP to find out more:

tE: How did you get started in music recording?
TA: I have spent years travelling round the country as a session musician and decided 5 years ago that it is about time i put my efforts behind a new project, having been involved heavily in another studio for the last 10 years or so it was about time to build the next go-to spot for local and non-local musicians alike.

photo by Sarah Askaroff
tE: Why Eastbourne?
TA: CMP Studios opened in Eastbourne because founder and current joint proprietor Tom Askaroff was born and bred here. Original intentions were to head straight for Brighton, but as this would be just dropping another needle in a haystack of high end studios and record labels, the vision of being a 'big fish in a small pond' was much more realistic over here.

tE: What genres of music can CMP accommodate?
TA: CMP can accommodate just about any genre, we have tackled everything thrown at us over the last few years, from choirs to harp albums to accordion albums to voice over work to heavy metal and funk albums.

photo by Sarah Askaroff
tE: What's the weirdest thing an artist has requested?
TA: We have had a chap in to record some voiceover work who would not perform unless his cat was in the vocal booth with him. A very odd experience but we loved it.

tE: What do you hope the future holds?
TA: CMP Studios is, as of recently a record label as well! Not too much is to be disclosed yet but the excitement is running high. Watch this space...!

CMP Studios is in the South Mews, 42a Commercial Road, Eastbourne. They offer rehearsal facilities, recording studios and mastering services and are open ridiculously long hours!
Visit their comprehensive website or call 01323 647824 to discuss your requirements.

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