Friday, 22 February 2013

Chris Liddiard (artist)

Sunset by Chris Liddiard
I know Chris Liddiard as the tireless organiser of White Horse Folk, the fortnightly folk club at the White Horse Inn in Bodle Street Green. My Dave has played there on a number of occasions, although not recently, and I even sang there myself several years ago now. Chris plays guitar and is a member of the trio Cornflower Blue whose Coffee Morning sessions at the Under Ground Theatre are always very popular. Soon the Under Ground will be celebrating Chris for another reason with a  exhibition of his artworks throughout March.

Chris Liddiard lives in Rushlake Green and enjoys views from his studio over the Weald to the Downs above Eastbourne. It is these views with their ever changing colours from green to misty greys and sometimes barely any colour at all that shape his work. His work is primarily watercolour paintings but he also pencil-sketches old and interesting buildings, makes collages of “things he finds on his walks” and illustrated the children’s book Rufus and the Rain. Trained in Southend, at the School of Art and Design, Chris has exhibited widely, including several times at the Royal Watercolour Society's Bankside Gallery.

Under Ground Theatre, Fridays and Saturdays, Fri 1st to Sat 30th Mar, 10:00-16:00.
Free admission.

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  1. There are nine beautifully serene landscape paintings at the Under Ground as well as abstract works and book illustrations.

    Trees In The Snow At Rushlake Green and Snow In The Fields At Rushlake Green are both very atmospheric and I particularly like the purples of Dorset Coast, captured just at the turn of the day. Another favourite is Sunset Over The Downs From Chapel Cross which depicts the last glimmer of the light in the sky before darkness falls. Harvest At Rushlake Green has warm yellow hues but a hint of sadness about it I thought, the ripened corn signifying the end of summer.
    Of the abstracts, one fun image is a red nose which is being displayed, and hopefully sold, in aid of Comic Relief! There is also a book of varied sketch images and other watercoloured works to flip through which provides an insight into Chris at work.