Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hashim Akib - Vibrant Acrylics (art)

Leigh Relish by Hashim Akib
The Society of Eastbourne Artists meet every month and usually invite a guest speaker who talks about and demonstrates a different art technique or approach. Talks already booked for 2013 include Portraiture Using Time Lapse Photography by Stephen Cheeseman (this Friday, 18th Jan), Batik On Paper by Deborah Vallence (Friday, April 19th) and Vibrant Acrylics by Hashim Akib which will be on Friday the 15th of February.

SAA Artist of the Year 2009 (Society of All Artists), Hashim Akib is a roving demonstrator and speaker who also runs a number of workshops in Rayleigh and Hadleigh, Essex. He began his teaching career as a college lecturer in Southend. Hashim is also an experienced illustrator whose work has been used by such varied publications as the New Yorker and Time Magazine, Practical Parenting and Bella, Hawkin's Bazaar and Ideal Home. Search Press published his first book, Vibrant Acrylics, in April 2012 together with a demonstration DVD.

Lansdowne Hotel, Fri 15th Feb, 19:30.
Admission £4 non-members, free to SEA members. I believe non-members pay 'on-the-door'.

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