Wednesday, 26 December 2012

R'n'R (music)

The popular duo of Richard Walder and Ron Turner are returning as the stars of the Under Ground Theatre's Saturday morning Coffee Morning in June and in October 2013. They will be performing their own interpretations of a wide variety of songs of the 1960s and 1970s - folk, blues, rock and roll, and jug songs - together with some of their own compositions. The duo were introduced to each other at the White Horse Folk club by artist and musician Chris Liddiard whose art was on show at the Underground in March 2013.

Tea Chest Bass player Richard Walder is a great fan of blues music and other Americana styles. He can also be seen playing as one of the Country/Appalachian band Pocketsize and, occasionally, at reunions of the skiffle group Skiddle-Am-Bam (also at the Under Ground on Sat 27th Jul 2013). Richard has a beautiful singing voice but did not originally play any instrument. Apparently, when he joined Skiddle-Am-Bam, the suggestion was made that he should take up playing the jug as this should be fairly simple to master. However, when the jug turned out to be "too much like hard work", Sean Markwick, the instrument maker of Black Strap Molasses fame, stepped up with a Tea Chest Bass which seems to suit Richard perfectly! Coincidentally, R'n'R's Coffee Morning in October is the week after Black Strap Molasses.

Under Ground Theatre, Sat 8th Jun 2013, Sat 26th Oct 2013, 10:00-12:00.
Free admission.

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