Monday, 31 December 2012

Reminiscing on 2012

The New Year is traditionally a time for looking both backwards and forwards, and I thought I would do the same for this New Year's Eve post.

When I first began blogging in April, I set myself the ambitious target of writing a daily post promoting or reviewing an art or culture event around the Eastbourne area. Several people said this was far too ambitious and the general consensus was that I’d never find enough to write about. I am pleased to say that notion has been well and truly dashed and I would be surprised if this little blog has even mentioned half of the events on offer in a packed two-thirds-of-a-year. With the exception of two non-local posts (caused by insufficient forward planning before holidays), I have discovered an inspiring wealth of energy and creativity and I feel so lucky to have access to such a great variety of work on my doorstep. To everyone who acted, directed, painted, sewed, photographed, sang, played, danced, wrote, spoke, organised, sold, stewarded and volunteered - Thank You All!

It has just taken nearly half an hour to type out all the post titles from the blog so far. I tried to pick out my favourites, but it’s impossible to narrow the list down enough! Perhaps you can spot what really you really enjoyed and relive happy memories triggered by the list below. Hopefully, with the last few titles yet to happen, we will all be inspired to leap forward - paintbrushes in hand, guitars tuned and scripts down - as the curtain goes up on 2013!

Our Country's Good, Shame, Umbrellas Of Cherbourg, A Separation, Eastbourne Shout, Blackbird, The Clouded Yellow, Stepping Out, Blonde Poison, Mademoiselle Chambon, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Brass Jaw, The Gondoliers, Diary Of Anne Frank, Le Gamin Au Velo, ditzyladym interview, Exit Through The Gift Shop, Willie Doherty, Sunset Boulevard, Fairport Convention, Trishna, Guys and Dolls, Blackout and Bunting, Andy Panayi Quartet, Palm Court Strings, DNA, Andrew Voller, The Man With The Golden Pen, Lunasa, The Last Lunch, Born In The Gardens, Home Service, This Is Eastbourne, This Is ..., Voulez-Vous, La Grande Illusion, Chicago, A Point Of Departure, Terry Lees, Songs For A New World, Playing Dead, Uckfield Concert Brass, La science des reves, Holly Lindfield interview, The Cajun Dawgs, This Must Be The Place, The People's Monarch, Rope, La Delicatesse, The Big Art Secret, Hilary Bravo, Show Of Hands, Magnificent Obsession, Lansdowne Centenary Exhibition, My Gay Best Friend, Sally Dunham, Alan Barnes Quartet, Amy Winehouse Tribute, Lord Denis Healey Photographic Exhibition, African Cats, Dangerous Obsession, Society Of Eastbourne Artists, Old Hat, My Eastbourne Photography Competition, Honeybees - the Musical, Bohemian Rhapsody, Murder Mistaken, Kali and Katie, Beach Hut Courses, Singin' In The Rain, Lone Twin Boat, Macbeth, Battle Town Brass, Intimate Exchanges - A Cricket Match, Bof!, Harold Mockford, Roy Orbison Tribute, Gef Tom Son, Gilbert and Sullivan, Queen Of The Sun, Liane Carroll Quartet, The Angel's Share, Greg Harper, En kongelig affaere, Scenes from La Traviata, Street Styles, 2012, The Bugle Boy, Theatre Open Day, Denis Primett, Christine Chester, Leaf Hall Arts Festival, Alan Hammond Literary Lunch, Kevin Barber / Mark Taylor / Amy Reed, Gillian Toft, Moscow State Circus, 3 Daft Monkeys, BlueSkyInking, Roz Nathan, Lammas Festival, Gotta Sing Gotta Dance, Friends Of The Devonshire Park Theatre Summer Fete, Chariots Of Fire, Sonya Tatham, Creative Writing Workshop, Michelham Priory Contemporary Craft Fair, The History Boys, Tania Long, Gallery North Open Part II, Time 2 Potter, Three Men In A Boat, Grease, Take That Experience, Edge In Landscape, Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time, Dana and Susan Robinson, Sara Humphrey, 42nd Street, Premier Marina Photography Competition, LGB Brass, Chapter 12 Music Evenings, Lament For Lorca, Small Wonder Story Festival, Pocketsize, Monsieur Lazhar, The Comedy Of Terrors, Medieval Festival, Tortoise In Love, Terminus Road Art Expo, Pride and Prejudice, Carillon Music Festivals, Hailsham Arts Festival, Just Between Ourselves, All In Good Time, Hunters Moon Morris Workshop, Hailsham Art Group, The Conspirator, Be Our Guest! Again, EBS Rock The Redoubt, Snared, We Built This City, Double Indemnity, Roy Hilton Quintet, Importance Of Being Earnest, Modern African Art, Starshine Music, Walkabout, City Of Ashes, Imogen Skelley, Fagin's Last Hour, Tyrannosaur, Hailsham Festival Art Exhibition, The Haunting, Fiona Hosford, Film Poster Auction, Joel White, Bourne To Write, Les Hommes Libres, Teej Festival, The Rivals, Lovers Walk, Ian Shaw and Sue Richardson, Liquorice, Radio Times, A Simple Life, VOICES Choir, Rough Justice, Les femmes du 6e etage, Pineapple Poll, St Wilfrid's Big Art Secret, Black Strap Molasses, Shadow Dancer, Steve Scott interview, Charles Dickens literature talk, Until The Cows Come Home, Hatful Of Rain, Little Voice, Even The Rain, The Vicar Of Dibley, Swan Lake, Life and Death Of Colonel Blimp, Secret Honour, David Armitage, Simon Spillett Quartet, Timon Of Athens, Aladdin / Jungle Book, Jess Robinson interview, Collective Observations, The Lady Eve, Kirsty McGee, Canterbury Tales, Repulsion, HomeGrown, Paul Carrack, Mansfield Park, Rope, The Dressing Book, Little Gem, The Second Art Expo, Untouchable, The Lamb Choir, Duet For One, Berberian Sound Studio, Night Folk, A Musical Novelty,  Poetry, Swan Lake, Edgar, Keith Pettit interview, Private Road, Sleeping Beauty, Eastbourne Christmas Open Houses, Un Amour De Jeunesse, Cabaret 2012, East Sussex Open Submissions, Nutcracker, Early Ghost, Ladri di biciclette, Francis Perry Gallery, Andre Rieu Home For Christmas, Tango Pasion, The Big Jazz, Cow Pie, Holy Motors, Andy Drudy, Jasmin Stringer, Sleeping Beauty, Christmas At The Bandstand, Andy Dickens Band, Hard Times, Christine Munro, Dracula, Into The Ark, Private Peaceful, Mask Making Workshop, Art For Christmas 2012, A Christmas Carol, Gabrielle Stephens, Polegate Sketching and Painting Group, Jake Nelson, The Moon And The Sledgehammer, Will Gudgeon, Tom Fitzpatrick, Corina Stupu Thomas, Margaret, La Boheme, Andrew Dandridge, Life Of Pi, Bon Hiver, The Magistrate, 2 Days In New York, Pentacle Drummers Wassail, Sophia Victoria Joy, Alice In Wonderland, Sarah Moule Quartet, A Small Act, Cinderella, Ed Boxall, R'n'R, Larry, Lesley Collinson, The Moo Man, Fabulous Red Diesel.

Phew - and people say nothing happens around here!

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