Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Ed Boxall (artist)

The Gardener by Ed Boxall
I bought one of Ed Boxall's delightful children's story books, The Gardener, for my niece a few months ago as she had just moved house and had a garden 'of her own' for the first time. I heard back that she had enjoyed being read the story but did not understand why the pictures were in black and white instead of the bright, primary colours of her existing books. Apparently she got out her pencils and set to, (fairly) neatly colouring in all the pages. I hope Ed doesn't mind!

The Gardener is one of a series published as Pearbox Stories. A man has created a beautiful garden and keeps it all to himself. When the garden is destroyed and blown away, the man is left with nothing. He decides to begin all over again and this time he chooses a derelict churchyard to renovate. The Gardener meets lots of new friends as he makes the churchyard into a wonderful space that everyone can share.

Artist and illustrator Ed Boxall lives and works just along the coast in Hastings. He has a degree in printmaking from Hull and an MA in illustration from St Martins, London. As well as his own self-published stories, he has had five books published by Walker including Francis The Scaredy-Cat which was read out on the BBC. His work is sold at the Towner and the De La Warr Pavilion where he has done workshops with children, and he was also the artist in residence at West Rise School in Eastbourne.

The reason I have chosen Ed for my Christmas Day post is his wonderful Giants of the Winter Woods drawing activities which I think will be perfect for anyone trying to find entertainment once all the present unwrapping has been done! Ed saw ancient Giants while he was walking in the woods and drew them. But by the time he got home, only their shadows remained. Can you bring them back for him? Print out the pictures and find your pencils!

Ed Boxall books are available at the Towner Gallery shop.
Tue - Sun, 10:00 - 18:00, free admission.
Also available online from www.edboxall.co.uk 

Merry Christmas!!


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