Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Corina Stupu Thomas (artist)

 I mentioned Corina Stupu Thomas' art briefly on the blog when I wrote up my first visit to the Francis Perry Gallery in Susan's Road. Last week she began a small exhibition of her own at Beanzz in Grove Road, one of my favourite independent coffee shops in Eastbourne. The exhibition consists of eight prints of Corina's vibrant, joyful paintings and they fit perfectly with the friendly atmosphere of Beanzz.

Romanian-born Corina came to Britain six years ago and, as well as being an artist, is a solution focused psychotherapist and a creative coach. Much of her work is motivational and two of the works at Beanzz have strong positive messages. You Are Special (left in photo) is a colourful mixed media work in which I see a rather bashful woman being hectored by a bird who believes more strongly in her than she does herself. Believe depicts a group, maybe a family, abstract and featureless, but still appearing to gaze proudly straight out of the painting.
My favourite work is one of a trio of Corina's Travelling Soul monoprints (centre three in photo), Travelling Soul Goes to Africa. I am unable to pin down exactly what attracts me to the Travelling Soul series so much but I have returned to view them online several times since I originally discovered one a few months ago illustrating a post on Corina's blog. I really enjoyed seeing the three displayed together 'larger-than-screen' size and the single colour effect of each one is particularly striking. 

Beanzz is run by Tracey and Mikael who love art and local artists, as well as making great coffee. I visited on Friday evening just as Little Christmas was setting up outside and there was a lovely cosy atmosphere inside the cafe. The opposite wall to Corina's work features photographs from the Little Chelsea Gallery, with further photographs on show downstairs. I hadn't even realised there was a downstairs before so went for a wander and discovered more sofas (yess!) and pretty mirrors in lieu of windows. I now know not to walk on by when it looks full upstairs!

Beanzz Coffee, until 15th Jan 2013.
Mon-Fri 07:45-18:00, Sat 09:00-18:00, Sun 10:00-16:00.

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